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Bunny has a strong track record of excellence and has received many praises and awards for his work. Most of all Bunny believes in balance meaning if you work hard you need to reward yourself with fun. All work no play leads to burning-out and all play no work leads to self-destruction.


To be truly success in anything you do Bunny’s believes that one must find that equilibrium that allows you to be optimally productive and happy.  

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Bunny is the C.E.O. (Chief Executive Officer) of Social Exposé. Bunny has almost 30 years of experience owning, operating and managing many businesses.


Bunny believes in hard work, loves challenges, and most of all loves helping people find their place in the world.

Bunny Toyle

Chief Executive Officer

André Réal

Owner & Social Marketing Specialist

André-Réal is a Social Marketing Specialist and founder of Social Exposé. André also teaches marketing course at Pures College part-time.


Previous to working with Social Exposé André has worked as a freelancer doing Web-Design, Social Media Implementation, Mobile App development and QR Code Marketing for many companies.

André’s expertise, knowledge, and passion has been very instrumental in the progress of Social Exposé. André takes courses in Social Media Marketing to further enhance his skills and knowledge so he keeps up-to-date with the trends.    


When André isn’t working he enjoys social gatherings, tutoring, charity work, watching independent and subculture films, and things that aren’t illegal but shouldn’t be mentioned on here. LOL  And yes he does have a sense of humor. But he is always focused and committed to doing quality work!!! True Story.

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More Profiles coming soon.


Josephine-Dora Spitale

Content Writing Specialist and Editor

Josephine is a Content Writing Specialist and Editor. She is a successful graduate from the University of Toronto and also holds a B.A. from D’Youville college in Special Education and Teaching.

Previous to working with Social Exposé, Josephine worked with the Durham Catholic District School Board and also worked with kids that had learning disabilities. Josephine thrives on helping people achieve success and takes great pride in finding the abilities in people that have disabilities.

Despite Josephine’s success as a teacher her optimal passion is to pursue writing. While helping Social Exposé, Josephine manages to find time to run her own successful company—Butterfly Education.

Josephine’s hard work, dedication and passion for writing has been instrumental in the success of Social Exposé.

When Josephine isn’t working, she is a proud wife and mother of a 3 year old daughter, so she spends her time with her family to which she adores very much. Josephine attributes all her success in life to her parents and family who has been an inspiration to her.

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